Art director and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California, currently working at MullenLowe LA.

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Spriteverse just got 2 Golds and 5 Silvers in the Brazilian Creative Club Awards. Check it out ︎︎︎

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Budweiser and Barbecue matches perfectly. So we made two books that complement each other. One is about brewing and the other one is about roasting. The books can be read independently, but the pages fit with each other so that they can be appreciated together.

Africa DDB

Creative Team: Henrique Folster, Kazuo Kubo, Rodrigo Sganzerla, Marcelo Almeida, Cacá Barabás, Daniel Matsumoto, Lucas Ribeiro, Rafael Quintal.
Creative Directors: Matias Menendez, Nicolas Ferrario.
Photography: Rodrigo Pirim, Bruno Geraldi, Vitor Manon.
Illustrations: Sarah Kamada, Gabriela Sánchez, Jorge Tabajara, Gilberto Marchi.